Drying and polymerizing ovens

Detailed study of each project. Optimization of the energy consumption of each oven.

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Energy efficiency
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Time reduction
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Industrial ovens guarantee the quality of the finish after the treatment and paint application processes.

They have heat recovery systems, which reduce energy consumption and contribute to economic savings.

Types of furnaces depending on the processes:

  • Moisture drying.
  • Liquid paint curing.
  • Gelled powder paint.
  • Polymerized powder paint.
  • Cross-linked after electrodeposition by cataphoresis.

Characteristics of our ovens:

  • High Energy efficiency
  • Heat recovery systems.
  • Reduction of process times
  • Modular manufacturing facilitating extensions and transfers.
  • Accessibility for maintenance.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Digitization of processes for Industry 4.0
Pieza entrando en el horno de polimerizado

Piece entering the polymerization oven

Horno de pre-reticulado tras el tratamiento en las cubas de KTL

Pre-crosslinking furnace after treatment in the KTL tanks

Piezas saliendo del horno de secado de humedad

Parts coming out of the moisture drying oven

Horno canopy de curado de pintura

Canopy paint curing oven

Instalación de tratamiento y pintura

Treatment and painting facility

Montaje de una cabina de pintura

Assembly of a painting booth

Laboratorio de innovaación

Innovation lab


LECITRAILER: La mayor instalación de cataforesis de Europa

COCHET: Instalación automatica de pintura en polvo

COCHET: Automatic installation of powder painting

GIMENEZ GANGA: Linea de tratamiento de superficies y pintura en polvo

GIMENEZ GANGA: Surface treatment and powder painting line

LA PIÑA: Instalación de pintura en polvo para maquinaria agrícola

LA PIÑA: Installation of powder paint for agricultural machinery




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